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Avast APK is a cluster of internet security applications to protect the devices against the viruses and malware that are the cause for unwanted advertisements and popups.

The “Avast APK” is developed by Avast Software for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and IOS operating systems. Their product comprises free and proper versions that provide computer and browser security, antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware and anti-spam among other different services.

The programs are only available for Internet-connected devices and are available in 45 languages. “Avast APK” provides Avast free antivirus for non-commercial and home usage with the addition of safezone browser. It does not need any registration but does require a license or activation code. It also includes all the features of internet security with the additional data shredder; an ‘Anywhere Access’ service and automatic software updater.

Avast APK also has a Photo Vault that provides the users full protection to access their photos with a PIN code. Avast APK also has Power Saver mode that reduces the device’s battery consumption and adjusting settings such as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and screen settings that usually drains the battery the most. It also locks up the device’s sensitive content by locking the app with a PIN or the touch gesture.

Avast Cleanup Boost Optimizer v4.8.0 Pro APK and Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

Avast Cleanup is a profoundly viable reserve and garbage cleaner application for Android.

Free up storage room

Tidy up space-squandering garbage to prepare for the things you need.

• Clear out application reserve and other superfluous documents from Android and your applications, for example, stores, impermanent records or extra information

• See which applications are taking up the most space

• Identify and erase applications you never again utilize

Detox your photograph library

Consequently distinguish and evacuate terrible photographs to free up space. On the off chance that Avast Cleanup isn’t 100% certain about a terrible photograph, you’ll get the opportunity to audit it.

• Get free of copy, comparative, old, and low quality photographs

• Optimize photograph size and move firsts to the cloud

• Identify the ‘best photograph’ out of a gathering

NEW! Tune up execution

Hibernation Mode prevents hungry applications from devouring your assets.

• Hibernate applications to expand battery life and accelerate your telephone

• Stop CPU, battery, memory and movement depleting applications

• Remove pre-introduced bloatware and different applications you never utilize

Lift battery life

Take advantage of your telephone’s battery so you can remain in a hurry longer.

• Turn off telephone capacities you don’t utilize frequently

• Set profiles to auto-change battery use contingent upon where you are (home, work, auto)

Open premium highlights

Moving up to Avast Cleanup Pro gives you access to great highlights that will take your application to the following level.

Evacuate promotions — Never observe outsider advertisements in this application

Professional Battery Life — Auto-alter battery use contingent upon your area

Programmed cleaning — Schedule customary cleanings that won’t intrude on you

Propelled Photo Optimizer — Control the size and nature of your photographs

Topics — Choose a shading plan that suits you

Avast coordinate help — Get quick answers to the majority of your inquiries


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